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  • Aegis Software
    Develops products and custom software for the financial services industry.

  • Applied Financial Technology
    Provides state of the art prepayment models and other analytics to the financial industry.

  • Arc Partners

  • Asset Control Systems
    Simplifies and centralizes control of market and reference data.

  • Axioma

  • Beast Financial Systems
    Develops front-office trading and market data display systems across multiple asset classes for sell-side or buy-side firms, correspondent clearing firms, and market makers.

  • Brook Path Partners
    A boutique consulting services firm focusing exclusively on investment technology covering all phases of the investment and trading lifecycle from research and discovery through settlement and clearing and beyond to corporate actions and event processing.

  • Burns Statistics
    Provides consulting and training services in the application of statistics and statistical computing to financial modeling and risk management.

  • BusinessEdge Solutions

  • Cadenza

  • Capco
    A services and technology solutions provider exclusively focused on the financial services industry.

  • Capital Markets Consulting
    A Chicago-based technology firm founded in 1996 offering software products and consulting services to the trading industry.

  • CarbonBased Consulting
    End-to-end solutions for the Investment Management industry.

  • CC Pace Systems

  • Celent
    A research and consulting firm focused on the application of information technology in the global financial services industry.

  • Centauris Group (Canada)
    A financial technology firm whose expertise resides in the analysis, design and implementation of technology related solutions for finance professionals.

  • CFM Partners - provides training and compliance risk management solutions to the financial services industry.

  • Cicada - a global provider of end-to-end data cleansing and quality management services to support STP, risk management and other mission-critical applications.

  • CityIQ (United Kingdom)

  • Computer Sciences (CSC)

  • Constantin Control Associates

  • CoreTech Consulting Group

  • CrossLinks Systems - builds Internet-enabled software for financial services clients.

  • Cutter Associates -assists investment firms in reducing the cost and minimizing the risk of evaluating, selecting and implementing investment systems. They specialize in systems that support investment analytics, portfolio modeling, trade order management, compliance, trade communications, data warehousing, middleware, portfolio accounting, mutual fund accounting, performance measurement and attribution, and risk management.

  • DoubleHelix Software & Services (United Kingdom) - software products and services for the banking and financial community

  • Drennan Group

  • E/W Group - a consulting services and software development firm dedicated to assisting leading financial institutions with mission critical projects in the areas of systems development and deployment, systems integration and implementation, management consulting, business process reviews (BPRs), and investment management industry and product training.

  • east circle solutions - provides products and services to help managers efficiently and effectively manage and market their businesses by implementing a management information system which provides a complete overview of an investment firm.

  • Enterprise Technology Corporation - a technology management consulting firm specializing in the formulation and implementation of successful technology strategies for clients in the financial services community.

  • Eontec (Ireland) - enables financial institutions to build next generation Enterprise Banking Solutions that can be deployed across all channels.

  • Exis Consulting - a New York based firm providing software to financial institutions engaged in debt trading.  EXIS specializes in secondary loans, corporate and sovereign fixed income, emerging markets and repo trading.

  • Eze Castle Software - provides outsourced IT technology and services for hedge funds and other specialty investment management firms.

  • Financial CAD

  • Financial Infrastructure Solutions Group (FiS) - a specialized technology solutions and advisory services provider in Asia Pacific that focuses on the delivery of operations and technology solutions to clients in the capital markets and financial services industry.

  • Foilage Software Systems - develops custom software, integrates complex systems, and advises clients on sound technology strategies.

  • HAI Systems

  • Hudson River Systems & Technology  - a software development and consulting organization dedicated to providing innovative solutions for the development of high-performance transaction processing systems for financial services.

  • Insightful

  • International Biometric Group

  • InvestTech Systems Consulting - investment systems specialist

  • IX Partners - a technology and content integration firm

  • Jeremiah Associates - services include consulting, training, and writing

  • Jordan & Jordan - a management and information technology consulting firm specializing in the financial services industry

  • Kimsey Consulting - a market research-led advisory and consulting services company specializing in the wholesale financial and energy trading and related technologies sectors.

  • Kubba Consultants (Iraq)

  • Mark Lewis

  • MetroSoft - a software solutions developer and provider of e-business enabling products and services to the financial services industry, particularly mutual funds and other pooled portfolios, with emphasis on electronic information access and delivery utilizing both the web and telephone as interfaces.

  • MokoNet - architect and build e-commerce and e-business capabilities

  • Ness USA

  • Netik - provides technology solutions for today's global financial services industry and is one of the world's leading suppliers of business solutions to the securities, wholesale banking, and insurance industries, with over 200 customers in over 40 countries.

  • netNumina

  • Niteo Partners - a wholly-owned subsidiary of NEC Corporation

  • Numberfarm - specializes in usability design, information architecture and interface production for financial services clients.

  • Olmec Systems

  • OpenConnect

  • Patni Computer Systems (India)

  • Pragma Group -specializes in systems consulting for buy-side institutional investment money managers.

  • The Reference

  • Rey Consulting

  • RKW Consulting - serves the investment advisory and financial services industries.

  • Sector Inc. - subsidiary of the Securities Industry Automation Corporation (SIAC), a provider of voice and data connectivity, communications, managed networks, facilities management, and data distribution capabilities to the financial services industry.

  • Selero

  • Shadow Financial Services - a software solutions provider for the securities industry.

  • SimCorp - SimCorp Dimension

  • SMA Software & Consulting (United Kingdom) - assists with all aspects of a SWIFT environment.

  • Smarsh - services to enable investment advisors and financial services firms to streamline and strengthen communications between them and their clients.

  • SmartStream Technologies (United Kingdom) - delivers fully integrated, multi-product solutions that enable enterprise wide Transaction Lifecycle Management, from trade inception to settlement in a single scalable platform, all within the framework of  its overriding STP Control Architecture.

  • Snowgold Technology (United Kingdom)

  • Spectrum Global Fund Administration - a provider of middle and back office fund administration outsourcing, and technology consulting services to institutional investors, hedge fund managers and fund of funds operators worldwide.

  • Sungard - integrated software and processing solutions for financial services.

  • Swallow Tech (United Kingdom) - specializes in developing fully integrated solutions for automated cash, securities reconciliation and message-matching.

  • Tata Consultancy Services

  • TechHackers - develops software tools and enterprise systems for securities trading, risk management and financial operations.

  • Technology Solutions

  • Tellefsen Consulting Group

  • Trema Group (Sweden) - offers strategic technology and management consulting solutions to the financial industry.

  • Ubizen - provider of managed security solutions

  • UpTech Group

  • Venture Financial Systems Group

  • Xcitek Consulting Services

  • Yuri Software


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