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  • Allen Financial Advisors

  • American Technology Research  - an employee-owned firm that provides independent, timely and focused research on information technology and defense companies for institutional investors.

  • The Analyst's Accounting Observer - is a research service published by R.G. Associates, Inc., that provides "remedial accounting lessons for institutional investors who should know better."

  • Argus Research

  • Avalon Research Group - an institutional research boutique and brokerage firm that concentrates on the analysis of both undervalued and overvalued securities.

  • Axiometrics -provides fundamental real estate research for the apartment sector with an emphasis on the performance of portfolios owned by the publicly traded apartment REITs.

  • Baseline Financial Services - provider of information products and services to the investment community, with primary emphasis on the institutional equity market.

  • Battle Road Research - an investment research firm focused on the software and education sectors.

  • Behind the Numbers (BTN) - an independent research service for institutional investors that provides "sell" recommendations and quality of earnings reports.

  • Best Independent Research - a consortium of six of the nation's top independent equity research firms including: Callard Asset Management (Chicago, IL), Channel Trend (Dallas, TX), Columbine Capital Services (Colo. Springs, CO), Ford Equity Research (San Diego, CA), Global Capital Institute (managing partner - Chicago, IL) and Market Profile Theorems (Seattle, WA).

  • Callard Asset Management

  • Center for Financial Research & Analysis (CFRA) -mission is to warn investors and creditors about companies experiencing operational problems and particularly those that employ unusual or aggressive accounting practices to camouflage such problems.

  • CJS Securities - provides value driven in-depth fundamental investment research on small-cap companies to both growth and value institutional fund managers.

  • Columbine Capital Services - an independent equity research firm that provides quantitative services to professional money managers and other large institutional investors.

  • Crownstone - a fully independent provider of investment research and consulting for the institutional investment community covering only development-stage pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies.

  • Equity Incentive Analytics (EIA) - provides actionable investment ideas based on the relationship between both abnormal executive stock option behavior and equity incentive plan design, and future earnings/stock price performance.

  • Equity Research Associates - provides paper and forest products research.

  • Farmhouse Equity Research -focuses on small-to-mid-cap companies and supplies investors with a constant flow of value-added information obtained through rigorous and consistent channel checks.

  • Ford Equity Research

  • GARP Research

  • Green Street Advisors - an independent research and consulting firm concentrating on publicly traded real estate securities.

  • Independent Research Group - a wholly owned subsidiary of TheStreet.com, is focused exclusively on meeting the performance needs of hedge funds and money managers. Analysts concentrate on uncovered and under-covered stocks and have a small to mid-cap focus ($200 million - $2 billion).

  • Innovative Quant Solutions
    An independent financial research firm that provides extremely high quality quantitative stock analysis and customized quantitative research to investment managers.

  • Leedom's Sector Rotation Report - Leedom Charts

  • Liberum Research - an independent research firm dedicated to following, examining, and assessing corporate management change.

  • ManageSource Research
    A comprehensive independent equity research, analysis and financial modeling firm that is dedicated to providing public and private companies, individuals and institutional asset managers with a suite of research solutions that can support valuation and internal investment process, enhance exposure in the financial arena and help manage internal costs and business development through forecasting, product pricing and financial modeling.

  • New Constructs

  • Off Wall Street Consulting Group
    An independent research firm based in Harvard Square that provides fundamental research and sell recommendations to professional money managers.

  • OTA - Off the Record Research

  • Packetology - a networking & telecommunications market research and analysis firm.

  • Precursor
    A change research firm designed to discover new opportunities and risks for institutional investors. It was founded with a mission of helping investors improve performance by better anticipating change, the origin of investment opportunity and risk.

  • RedChip Research - independent research and information on the micro- and small-cap markets. The equity analyst team seeks out up-and-coming growth companies and emerging value small-caps before Wall Street discovers them.

  • Sagient Research Systems - develops, produces, and markets proprietary independent research products to mutual funds, hedge funds, and investment banks.  Its products include PlacementTracker, BioMedTracker, ChangeWave Insight, and LaJolla Economics.


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